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Are you looking for a periodontist  gum disease specialist(periodontist) near me & Pune? You’ll also find ones in Katraj, Kondhwa, and Rasta Peth. If so, Aple Dentist Dental Clinic is the ideal location for you to receive all of your dental care under one roof.

Gum disease treatment for gingivitis, periodontitis, bleeding, and sore gums is offered by Aple Dentist’s skilled team of periodontists in Pune. 

Periodontic Treatment in Pune - Aple Dentist

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontic Treatment in Pune - Aple Dentist

Another name for periodontitis is gum disease. It is a dangerous gum infection that causes inflammation around the tooth and harms the soft tissue. Periodontitis is a condition in which the bone beneath the gums becomes infected as a result of microorganisms such bacteria plaque and colourless membrane growing on the tooth’s surface and in the crevices around the tooth. Periodontitis can be avoided with proper dental hygiene.

The first stage of gum infection is gingivitis. It is the swelling of the tissues that support and surround the teeth. Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums surrounding the teeth, whereas periodontitis is an inflammation of the bone behind the gums. Periodontitis, a more serious ailment, can be detected by gingivitis as a warning symptom.

What Causes Periodontal or Gum Disease?

The space between the gums and teeth fills up with food debris over time. Regular brushing at home cannot effectively remove them. We also have a lot of germs in our mouths, and the food particles encourage bacterial development, which causes toxins and invisible plaque to form on the teeth. The bleeding gums become looser around the teeth and uniformly recede as they produce an unpleasant odour.

If you want your teeth to survive a long time, gum care is crucial. If the plaque is not removed quickly, it hardens and develops tartar, which is impossible to remove with brushing. Tartar can only be removed by a dentist. In extreme circumstances, the bone level is also impacted, which causes the tooth to become loose. Therefore, dentists who specialise in gum treatment in Pune typically advise patients to get their teeth properly cleaned at least once a year. For different people, the frequency can range from once every four months to once a year.

What Causes Gum Disease?

Although poor dental hygiene is the main contributor to gum disease, additional variables raise the possibility of getting gingivitis. The most typical causes of gum disease are listed below.

1. Incorrect dental hygiene.
2. Tobacco chewing and smoking.
3. Alcoholic beverages.
4. A poor diet that is low in water intake and high in sugar.
5. Extreme tension
6. Teeth that are rotated, crooked, or overlapped.
7. Hormonal changes throughout pregnancy and puberty.
8. Cancer and cancer treatments.
9. Mouth breathing.
10. Poor saliva production

Signs and Symptoms Of Gum Disease

Typically, a person with gum disease will exhibit one or more of the symptoms listed below.

1. Swollen or irritated gums
2. White dots on gums and bright red, sometimes purple, gums
3. Touching the gums causes discomfort
4. More gaps between the teeth
5. Pus in the gums and teeth
6. Bleeding while flossing or brushing teeth
7. Unfavourable aftertaste
8. Nasty breath or foul breath
9. Tooth loss and loose teeth
If you had the similar symptoms as those listed above, don’t wait to call our periodontist in Pune Near you Katraj, Kondhwa & Rasta Peth Location.

Treatment for Gum Disease near Me & Pune.

In periodontics treatment basically We cleans the gums. Periodontics treatment is given to that patients who have gum infections.

Dr’s do all deep Cleaning in infected gums.
1)It means supporting structures of teeth that include gums and bone.
2)We treat the bleeding gums,swelling in gums,mobility in teeth .
3) We treat bad smells and straining teeth.

Teeth Cleaning: Do you have yellow teeth or bleeding gums?

We provide a complete solution to this .By doing professional Teeth Cleaning at our clinic by
using Ultrasonic Scaler.

Periodontitis Diagnosis

Dentist may:

 1)Review medical history of patient to identify any factors like smoking or certain medications that cause dry mouth.

2)Examine patients mouth for plaque and tartar build up and check for easy bleeding.

3)Check the pocket depth of groove between teeth and gum by using dental probe.In healthy mouth pocket depth is 1mm to 3 mm.

    Most significant sign is that, more than 4 mm pocket depth indicates Periodontitis.

4)Dentist may take X-ray for bone loss.

Treatment Plan for Gum Disease At Aple Dentist.

Non-Surgical Gum Treatment near Me & Pune.

  1. Scaling: It removes tartar and bacteria from tooth surfaces
    and gums by using Ultrasonic Scalers.
  2. Root Planning: It smooths root surface,discouraging further build up of tartar and bacteria which enhances inflammation and delay healing or reattachment of gums to teeth.
  3. Antibiotics: Topical or Oral antibiotics can help control bacterial infections.

Topical Treatment For Gums near Me & Pune

1) Mouth Rinses Antibiotic mouth washes.

2) Gels  Insertion of gel between teeth and gums.

3) Oral Antibiotics: These are necessary to completely eliminate infection causing bacteria.

teeth scaling

Gum Surgical Treatments near Me & Pune.

1) Flap Surgery: We can say Pocket Reduction Surgery also.

Dr’s make tiny incisions in gum so that section of gum tissue can be lifted back,exposing roots for more effective Scaling and root Planing.

 The underlying bone may be recounted before gum tissue sutured back in place.

2) Soft Tissue Grafts: When patient loose gum tissue gum recedes.

Patient may need to have some of damaged soft tissue reinforced.

This is usually done by removing small amount of tissue from palette or from another Donor source tissue and attaching it to the affected area this helps in further gum recession and cover exposed root surface

3) Bone grafting: This is done when patient lost his or her surrounding bone of teeth the graft may be composed of small fragments of patients own bone or maybe synthetic or donated it helps in prevent tooth loss by holding patient tooth in place also serves as a platform for Regrowth of natural bone.

4) Guided tissue regeneration: This allowes Regrowth of bone that destroyed by bacteria.Dr places special piece of biocompatible fabric between existing bone and tooth. It prevents unwanted tissue from entering healing area, allowing bone to grow back instead.

5) Tissue Stimulating Proteins:

It includes applying a Special Gel to diseased tooth root.

It contains same Proteins found in developing tooth enamel and stimulates growth of healthy bone and tissue.

Which Is the Best Dental Clinic for Periodontal Treatment near Me & Pune? What Is an Orthodontist?

Aple Dentist offers world class Periodontal treatment in (Katraj, Kondhwa, Rasta Peth) Pune.

The mission of Aple Dentist Dental Clinic  is to provide affordable access to high-quality dental care. An inviting and sanitary atmosphere surrounds Aple dentist Pune, giving patients positive thoughts.

We seek to make dentistry easily reachable, inexpensive, and accessible to the average person. We are committed to providing our patients with high-quality dental care and a positive dental experience. We have a fantastic group of highly skilled dentists that use cutting-edge dental procedures to protect, enhance, and help customers achieve beautiful smiles.

Why Choose Aple Dentist Clinic for Periodontal Treatment near Me & Pune?

  • Highly experienced and Skilled Periodontal.
  • Personalised patient care.
  • Ongoing Support and Aftercare.
  • Advanced and equipment  Dental Clinic
  • We are Located at Katraj, Kondhwa as well as Rasta Peth.

If you are looking for the best Periodontist near me & Pune or a Periodontist Specialist near me & Pune? Then you come to the right place.  Aple Dentist has the best Periodontist in Pune Located in Katraj, Kondhwa as well as Rasta Peth (Near Me) Pune. Get in touch with us at +919850389183

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Frequently Ask Questions​

The price of the procedure is between Rs. 6,000 and Rs. 8,000, while the cost of the drugs is between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,500.

Periodontitis, often known as advanced gum disease, cannot be fully reversed. As a result, it’s crucial for patients to take precautions to avoid contracting periodontitis in Omaha, Nebraska. By using appropriate dental hygiene practices, you may achieve this.

The average gum surgery operation lasts two hours. In some circumstances, the patient will need to be sleepy or semi-awake during the surgery. Sometimes the operation just entails numbing the gums using a local anaesthetic. 

Although widespread, periodontitis is usually avoidable. Usually, poor dental hygiene is to blame. Your odds of successfully treating periodontitis and lowering your risk of acquiring it can both be considerably increased by brushing and flossing at least twice a day, twice a day at night, and by scheduling routine dental exams.

You should not anticipate experiencing any discomfort at all throughout the procedure because the anaesthesia will make sure you are completely asleep. It is usual to feel a little painful and uncomfortable after returning home after the effects have worn off. 

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