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Dentures (also known as false teeth) are prosthetic devices constructed to replace missing teeth, and are supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity. Conventional dentures are removable (removable partial denture or complete denture). However, there are many denture designs, some which rely on bonding or clasping onto teeth or dental implants (fixed). There are two main categories of dentures, the distinction being whether they are used to replace missing teeth on the mandibular arch or on the maxillary arch. If you are searching for beat dentist in Pune for denture. Aple Dentist offers the best denture  in Pune. At Katraj, Kondhwa, Rasta Peth Locations. 

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Benefits Of Wearing Dentures

If you haven’t made up your mind about obtaining dentures in Pune, we advise you to consider all the benefits of the procedure:

1. In Pune, getting dentures doesn’t take much time. Dentures can be fitted in a day or two. whereas the majority of other restorative procedures require multiple visits to the dentist.

2. Your dentures will feel natural when you obtain them in Pune. Dentures and natural teeth look identical to each other.

3. Dentures are fairly priced and offer your jaw and bone structure good support.

4. Dentures also improve your smile and assist you in regaining your confidence.

Drawbacks Of Wearing Dentures

Let’s take a closer look at the drawbacks of getting dentures in Pune before you make your ultimate decision.

1. You can have some difficulties getting used to your dentures. Simply put, getting used to them takes time.

3. Once you receive dentures in Pune, it could take some time before you can properly taste food. This is because they enclose your mouth’s top palate.

4 . If your dentures are not properly set at the starting, you might need to have them refitted several times in Pune.

The majority of dentures’ drawbacks are only adjustment concerns that may be fixed with some professional instruction.

Get dentures so you won’t have to keep staring at your lost teeth for much longer, and say hello to a beautiful smile.

Which Is the Best Dental Clinic for Getting Denture near Me?

Aple Dentist is the best dental clinic in Pune if you are looking for Best Denture In Pune (Katraj, Kondhwa, Rasta Peth) near me. Aple Dentist has a specialist in Pune, who will perform the treatment. At Aple Dentist Dental Clinic, we have a team of skilled and experienced Pune Dentists who can help you overcome this problem and restore your natural smile.

A complete denture is a removable appliance used in patients when all teeth within a jaw have been lost.

It helps in eating, for aesthetic purposes, talking, and also increases the beauty of the patient.

In some patients, there are periodontal problems that cause mobility of all teeth. After extraction, these are replaced by complete dentures. Complete Denture means removable acrylic replacement after teeth. Soft tissue and bone are lost in the entire dental arch.

There Are Two Types of Complete Dentures.

1) Removable Complete Denture

2) Fixed Complete Denture

Removable Complete Dentures patients will be able to take out their dentures themselves easily.

In removable complete dentures, there are many types.

A complete denture supports the facial muscle structure.

Fixed Complete Dentures can be taken out only by a doctor.

We can say Implant supported denture / fixed denture.

A surgically placed dental implant replaces the roots of missing teeth and creates a stable base for permanent dentures.


Removable Partial Denture

Removable partial denture is a denture for partially edentulous patient who desires to have replacement teeth for functional or aesthetic reasons and who can not have bridge any reasons.

It helps restore the form and function of your jaw by replacing one or several missing teeth. If periodontally weakened teeth are present near the edentulous spaces then Removable partial dentures suggested.

How To Take Care Of Denture

Daily cleaning of dentures is recommended. Plaque and tartar can build up on false teeth, just as they do on natural teeth. Cleaning can be done using chemical or mechanical denture cleaners. Dentures should not be worn continuously, but rather left out of the mouth during sleep. This is to give the tissues a chance to recover, and wearing dentures at night is likened to sleeping in shoes. The main risk is development of fungal infection, especially denture-related stomatitis. Dentures should also be removed while smoking, as the heat can damage the denture acrylic and overheated acrylic can burn the soft tissues.

Denture in Pune

Deposits such as microbial plaque, calculus and food debris can accumulate on the dentures, which may lead to issues such as angular stomatitis, denture stomatitis, undesirable odours and tastes as well as staining. The deposits can also quicken the rate at which some of the denture materials wear down. Due to the presence of these deposits, there is an increased risk of the denture wearer and other people around them developing a systemic disease by organisms such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA),but research shows that denture cleaners are effective against MRSA. Therefore, denture cleaning is imperative for the overall health of the denture wearers as well as for the health of people they come into contact with.


After receiving dentures, the patient should brush them often with soap, water and a soft nylon tooth brush which has a small head, as this will enable the brush to reach into all the areas of the denture surface. The bristles need to be soft in order for them to easily conform to the contours of the dentures for adequate cleaning, whereas stiff bristles will not be able to conform very well and are likely to cause abrasion of the denture acrylic resin. If a patient finds it difficult to utilise a toothbrush e.g. patients with arthritis, a brush with easy grip modifications can be used.

Disclosing solutions can be used at home to make the less obvious plaque deposits more visible to ensure thorough cleaning of plaque. Food dyes can be utilised as a disclosing solution when used correctly.

Instead of brushing their dentures with soap and water, patients can use pastes designed for dentures or conventional toothpaste to clean their dentures. However, the American Dental Association advises against using toothpaste since it can be too harsh for cleaning dentures.

Why Choose Aple Dentist clinic for Denture?

  • Highly experienced and Skilled Dentists.
  • Personalised patient care.
  • Ongoing Support and Aftercare.
  • Advanced and equipment Dental Clinic
  • We are Located at Katraj, Kondhwa as well as Rasta Peth.

69% of adults between the ages of 35 and 44 have lost at least one tooth. That number only increases with age. The good news is that you may restore your brilliant smile with the aid of dentures if you have lost teeth, which can seriously impair your grin.

We have the ideal location you may go to if you live in (Katraj, Kondhwa, Rasta Peth) Pune and need dentures. If you want to bring a cheerful grin back into your life, you should visit Aple Dentist Dental Clinic. Do you wish to learn more about this office and dentures? Stay put while we explain. Get in touch with us at +919850389183

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Frequently Ask Questions

At Aple Dentist, the cost for Dentures is set at 12,000/- for a full set. For a comprehensive breakdown of our pricing, please refer to our treatments cost page.

Dentures offer you a more authentic, natural appearance and improve your individuality.

The normal lifespan of dentures is five to ten years. Make sure to visit your dentist for routine checkups at least twice a year after using a denture.

To prevent harming the tooth replacement prosthesis, choking, or causing the denture to move, you might need to make certain dietary adjustments depending on the type of denture you get. The majority of patients receive a 30% or higher restoration of their chewing range thanks to partial dentures, which are clutched tightly against the neighbouring teeth. When placed appropriately, removable complete dentures can replace up to 20% of healthy function. An implant partial or complete denture is best for maximum stability. Up to 70% of the normal chewing function is restored in patients having implant-retained dentures. A patient is never precisely like another. We urge you to experiment with eating certain meals while being mindful of your boundaries.

There is no reason why your dentures, often known as fake teeth, cannot appear natural. There are several denture styles, and if you want them to appear as natural as possible, you need think about their size, shape, and colour.

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