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Root Canal Therapy, often known as RCT, is a term that most people are familiar with these days. It is perhaps one of the most widely used and effective procedures for treating a damaged, decaying, or infected tooth.

As a result of the bacteria’s proliferation on the tooth, an inflamed tooth pulp hurts more. By removing the pulp and replacing the space with suitable dental fillings, a root canal treatment is a strategy to address this issue. Following treatment, a suitable dental crown is fitted to guard against further tooth damage.

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Which is the best Dental Clinic for Root Canal Treatment Near Me?

Are you looking for a dentist in Pune that offers root canal therapy? If so, you have arrived at your destination. If you need a root canal treatment in (Katraj, Kondhwa, Rasta Peth) Pune, Aple Dentist has the best dental office (Near me). You will receive care from Aple Dentist a recognized root canal specialist in Pune and a specialist in endodontics. With a high success rate, Aple Dentist has conducted more than a thousand root canal procedures. Modern dental technology is our primary emphasis. Under a dental microscope, the entire root canal procedure is performed, cutting down on clinical time.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

A Root Canal Treatment, also known as Endodontic Treatment, is required when the pulp, which houses the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues, becomes inflamed or infected.

The infection causes you to experience discomfort or pain while drinking a cold or chilled beverage. Another sign is a pain in the teeth when chewing food. Even if you do not feel any tooth pain, you may require a root canal treatment if a sinus is present near the gum that comes and goes.

A Root Canal Operation is used to save the damaged or severely infected tooth from extraction. The root canal surgery usually requires 2 – 3 sessions. Each session could last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

Tooth consists of 3 layers (enamel, dentin and pulp)

When the decayed portion enters 3rd layer (that is pulp which contains blood vessels and pulp in it).

It becomes necessary to do Root Canal treatment.

This procedure involves
1) Removal of decayed portion.
2) Cleaning and Shaping of canals in Tooth
3) Placing artificial nerves in the canal
4) Filling of the Tooth
5) Placement of crown
It takes minimum 4 to 5 sitting to perform RCT.

Why Choose Aple Dentist clinic for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Highly experienced and Skilled Dentist for RCT.
  • Personalised patient care.
  • Ongoing Support and Aftercare.
  • Advanced and equipment  Dental Clinic.
  • We are Located at Katraj, Kondhwa as well as Rasta Peth.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Depending on the state of the infection and tooth, the cost of a root canal procedure varies greatly. From a cheap price of Rs. 4,100/- to a normal price of Rs. 10,000/-, it is available in Pune.

How painful are root canals? A root canal isn’t more unpleasant than a routine dental operation like getting a filling or having a wisdom tooth extracted since patients are given anaesthetic. A root canal, however, typically leaves the tooth a little uncomfortable or numb following the treatment and may even cause some minor discomfort for a few days.

To guarantee that the tooth is completely cleaned out, sealed up, and guarded against additional harm, the root canal process is finished in two consecutive appointments.

A root canal is necessary when there is discomfort, edoema, or deterioration in the pulp of the tooth.

How Long Do Gums Stay Swollen After a Root Canal? Swollen gum after a root canal usually goes away on its own within 72 hours. However, the exact time it will take you to recover will depend on many factors, including your overall health. Be alert for new swelling or swelling that persists.

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