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Most people don’t expect that teeth reshaping will completely transform their smiles and teeth, but it does. Additionally, it’s a quick, affordable, and one-session process that will improve both your smile and oral health!

For persons with mild oral issues who want their slightly damaged or chipped teeth to seem more appealing, dental contouring is strongly advised. Get your perfect smile with Aple Dentist in Pune At KatrajKondhwaRasta Peth Nearby areas. 

Teeth Reshaping In Pune - Aple Dentist

One of the easiest, most affordable methods for improving chipped, uneven, or poorly aligned teeth to produce a more appealing smile is teeth contouring. Dentists frequently combine shaping or reshaping teeth with a procedure known as bonding, which involves coating the teeth with resin to enhance their overall look. The ideal teeth for bonding and contouring are the front teeth. We investigate what tooth reshaping is and how it is carried out.

Which is the Best Dental Clinic for Teeth Reshaping Near Me?

Your self-confidence may suffer if a tooth is chipped, broken, or out of place, and you might avoid smiling in public. Many problems can be resolved with dental work, but these treatments can be expensive.

The good news is that Aple Dentist Clinic a reasonably priced solution for enhancing the look of your smile. One of the best dental offices in Pune (Katraj, Kondhwa, as well as Rasta Peth), Aple Dentist has excellent dentists who will take care of your needs and make sure you don’t feel self-conscious about your smile.

Teeth Reshaping is fast,  painless conservative procedure that improves tooth appearance and overall dental health. It creates more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Procedure involves removing of portion of tooth enamel to change the tooth length ,shape and surface.

Before tooth Reshaping our  dentist takes x-ray to ensure tooth health like enamel thickness or pulp condition, gums, strength.

Dental Reshaping is an excellent way to make improvements to your smile. 

Dentist suggest it to tackle issues like

  • Teeth that are irregular shape 
  • Teeth that are usually long or wide
  • Teeth that appear pointy
  • Teeth with minor overlapping
  • Teeth with small surface flaws
  • Teeth with minor chips or cracks

Benefits of Teeth Reshaping:

  • Improve dental alignment
  • Better smile appearance 
  • Better dental health 
  • Avoids need for braces / orthodontics affordable
  •  Painless, safe, effective 
  • Improve self confidence

Our dentist remove a bit of enamel and minimise the imperfections on the tooth then it is smoothened and polished for natural look.

Why Choose Aple Dentist Clinic for Teeth Reshaping Treatment?

  • Highly experienced and Skilled Dentist for tooth Reshaping treatment.
  • Personalised patient care.
  • Ongoing Support and Aftercare.
  • Advanced and equipment  Dental Clinic.
  • We are Located at Katraj, Kondhwa as well as Rasta Peth.

We hope that all of our clients receive the correct service from us. Our locations in Pune are in Katraj, Kondhwa, and Rasta Peth. Contact us by dialing +919850389183.

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Frequently Ask Questions

The cost of tooth reshaping can range from INR 3500 to INR 15000 per tooth, depending on the amount of work that has to be done, even though it makes minor adjustments to your teeth and may prevent the need for pricey braces.

A tooth that is cracked, chipped, uneven, or out of alignment can be easily and affordably fixed by tooth reshaping, also known as odontoplasty. A little amount of dental enamel is removed during this quick and painless surgery, and the affected tooth is subsequently shaped or lengthened.

This may cause some people’s front teeth to look bigger than they actually are. Buck teeth can be brought on by heredity, missing teeth, impacted teeth, additional teeth, thumb sucking, or even using a pacifier for an extended period of time. Another frequent reason is tongue thrusting.

Your dentist will likely advise using a different approach, like as dental veneers, if your finish is fragile or weak. When you have veneers, a porcelain cap is placed over the front of your tooth. Additionally, it can make a tooth that is broken, chipped, or out of alignment seem better. 

There is a product called Invisalign that consists of transparent, removably attached aligners. Transparent aligners resemble extremely thin, clear mouthguards. “Those can straighten your teeth extremely well.”

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