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Aple Dentist Clinic has a team of the best pediatric dentists in Pune or near me/nearby  (Katraj, Kondhwa, and Rasta Peth). who are committed to giving newborns, kids, and teenagers the best pediatric dental care.

We can assist if you’re looking for a best pediatric dentist in Pune or near me /nearby (Katraj, Kondhwa, Rasta Peth) to enhance your child’s smile and dental health. We are a unique paediatric dentist in Pune enthusiastic and devoted to offering Best paediatric dental care in the most child-friendly and calm setting.

Pediatric/child dentist in Pune Aple Dentist

We encourage good oral health via education and prevention. We work to instil in the youngster a sense of good attitudes and behaviours toward dental hygiene. Additionally, We start practising preventative dentistry at an early age. Additionally accessible are parental counselling and assistance on many preventative dental topics and treatment approaches.

Which is the Best Dental Clinic for My Kid/ Pediatric Dentist Near Me/Nearby?  

Pediatric dental care is a crucial component of a child’s overall health. Regular brushing and flossing promote healthy tooth enamel and optimal tooth growth and development. Children receive specialised treatment from paediatric dentists that ensures their smiles will remain healthy throughout adulthood. Aple Dentist Dental Clinic offers cost-effective treatment programmes so you can give your kids the smile they deserve. Your child’s teeth and general oral health will receive the finest treatment available from our team of pediatric dentists in Pune. We have a group of skilled and knowledgeable paediatric dentists that give kids the best dental care possible.

Aple Dentist is a leading pediatric dentist in Pune, dedicated to providing specialized and compassionate dental care for children. With a team of experienced professionals and a child-friendly environment, Aple Dentist focuses on promoting oral health and ensuring a positive and comfortable dental experience for young patients. Whether it’s a routine check-up or more complex dental procedures, Aple Dentist is committed to delivering top-quality pediatric dental services, making smiles brighter and healthier for kids in Pune.

Dental surgeon that deals with care of children teeth aged from infants to teen age. Dr’s extensively concerned with prevention which includes instructions in proper diet, use of fluorinated toothpastes and proper cleaning of oral cavity. 

OPD of Patient 

First of all when child come to clinic, Our Dr take child on chair and sets his/her mind by creating playful environment like asking questions, telling stories about teeth, playing some music, showing pictures of teeth so that child understands the teeth condition, his/her problems. 

Dr’s check oral cavity of child thoroughly and tells the child’s parents/guardian about problems then asks about chief complaint. If child (patient) is not ready then Dr convinces child by telling stories.

The common treatments dentist provide are:

1) Cavity Filling /Restorations

2) Pulpectomy/Root canal treatment 

3) Stainless steel crowns / Caps

4) Tooth Extraction 

5) Space Maintainers

6) Fluoride application 

Most Common Dental Problems in Children are:

1) Tooth Decay(Cavities)

2) Tooth Sensitivity 

3) Dental Emergencies like pain in Tooth

4) Paediatric gum disease 

5) Orthodontic problems 

6) Habits like thumb sucking, nail biting, bottle feeding.

7) Dental anxiety and fobia

Pediatric treatment includes decidious teeth or primary or milk teeth treatment.

Why milk teeth are important?

  1. Milk teeth act like foundation stone for permanent tooth.
  2. They maintain proper space for permanent teeth to occupy.
  3. These teeth helps in normal growth of jaw height and gives shape to face.

Preventive Measures for Dental Caries:

  1. Parents awareness and involvement. 
  2. Diet
  3. Tooth Structure and Restoration 
  4. Salivary factor

Milk Teeth Pulp Therapy or Rct in Pune or near me/Nearby.

Goals of Pulp Therapy 

  1. To allow tooth to remain in oral cavity in non infective state. 
  2. To maintain arch length and tooth space.
  3. To restore tooth to its functionally efficient form.
  4. To maintain child’s aesthetics and thereby prevent psychological trauma.

Restoration or filling in primary teeth

 in most of the cases, treatment requires removal of decayed part of tooth and replaced by filling material. These materials are  permanent cement like GIC, Composites etc. for dental caries in children. 

  • intake of high sugar
  •  lack of oral hygiene
  •  lack of fluoride exposure 
  • dental or enamel defects.

Why Choose Aple Dentist clinic for pediatric dentists treatment in Pune or Near me/Nearby?

  • Highly experienced and Skilled pediatric dentists.
  • Personalised patient care.
  • Ongoing Support and Aftercare.
  • Advanced and equipment  Dental Clinic
  • We are Located at Katraj, Kondhwa as well as Rasta Peth.

Can vouch for Aple Dentist as one of the best dental practices in Pune with top-notch Pediatric dentists who will attend to your requirements and ensure that you don’t feel self-conscious about your smile. All of our customers receive proper service from us, we hope. Our Locations At Katraj, Kondhwa, as well as Rasta Peth In Pune or Near me/Nearby. Get in touch with us at +919850389183

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Frequently Ask Questions

The goal of your child’s first dental appointment is to make them feel at ease around the dentist. By 12 months of age, or within six months after the emergence of the first tooth, a child should visit the dentist for the first time. A 30- to 45-minute initial visit is typical.

A dentist is a medical professional with specialised training in dental treatment. Your dentist will examine your teeth and gums during a checkup to search for any issues. The dentist also wants to make sure that as you grow, your teeth are developing normally.

Although every circumstance will be unique, the majority of dentists concur that when it’s feasible, it’s usually ideal to treat or fill children’s cavities. The goal of dentists is to protect infant teeth, whether the cavity is one that was filled three years ago, five years ago, or more recently.

In other words, primary tooth fillings are often just as required as permanent tooth fillings for your youngster. For a number of reasons, including the possibility of pain and discomfort from untreated cavities, it’s crucial to take care of your child’s main teeth. Cavities can cause infection and other dental issues.

A vital component of maintaining total physical health is dental care. Children should receive dental care at a very young age, just like with complete general body care. Even before their first milk teeth appear, they are doing this.

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